dreaming of electric sheep

An idea just came to me upon waking, and I wanted to get it down before I went back to sleep so that I didn’t forget.

I have sleep apnea, and I sleep with an APAP machine (keeps my airway inflated so that it doesn’t collapse.)

All too often, I find that I have knocked the air hose loose from the machine in my sleep. That, or removed the mask without realizing it.

The machine has an alarm on it to alert you to large air leaks (like those above) but it is way, way too quiet to wake me up.

So what I need to do is have a computer (or better yet, one of my PDAs) listen for that tone and amplify/supplement it. Come to think of it, one of the embedded systems would be better as I could clean off all of the other software and have that be its only job. I’ve found computers to be unreliable alarm clocks, and I wouldn’t want to rely on them for this, either.

I’ll flesh out the entry later. For now, back to sleep.

EDIT: see the project page on the wiki