School’s going ok, I guess.

I got my first Physics exam score back today.

Before I relate the actual raw score, let me say that there are some mitigating factors here. I am taking Physics II with Calculus. I haven’t had any contact with Calculus in two years. I haven’t had a Physics course before. Ever. I started my Physics career with Physics II with Calculus. I nearly dropped the course the first week and went with an easier one. I decided that I could do it and I toughed it out.

So, now that I’ve softened it up a bit, my raw score was 44.

This may seem low. Consider, though, that the class average was 31. And both my score and the class average were out of a possible 44 points.

I shall now launch into smug, arrogant bragging, so you’ll probably want to just move on to XKCD or something.

Oh, hell yeah. I almost dropped this course.

During the exam, I brought two much-needed corrections on the exam itself to the attention of the proctor, who then announced them for the benefit of the rest of the class.

We have an optional online quiz system to which I am about to make my second correction.

I’m also taking Intro to Linear Algebra. If I hadn’t been out sick yesterday, I would have got back my first exam in that class yesterday. That’s ok, though, because I knew that I had aced it before I left the exam.

“Wil,” you’re probably saying to yourself, “when did you get to be such a smug, arrogant jerk?”

“Dear reader,” I’d reply, if you were to actually put the question to me, “I’ve always been a smug, arrogant jerk. Usually I don’t strip away the veneer of humility to reveal the stark badassery that is me. Feel free to bask in it while it lasts.”

And only those special readers who have put up with the all the bragging will now find out that my 44/44 on the exam counts both the 6-point extra credit problem (that I got right) and the three 2-point problems (that I got wrong.) Don’t tell those non-baskers. They don’t get to see the man behind the titan.