Snuggled up with Torment

I’ve been lamenting the lack of quality in recent games for the last couple of weeks. I keep coming back, in my head, to Planescape: Torment, the best game I’ve ever played.

I realized that I don’t need to pine for it. I can play it.

So I just installed it, and even before I start it for the first time, I’ve done all the little things to make the experience more pleasant. I’ve copied all the files from each of the CDs to the install directory and redirected the game’s config file to look there. I’ve official patched, unofficial patched and addon-to-unofficial patched. I didn’t turn Annah into a leprechaun yet, but I’ve got the files necessary to do so and I’m reserving the right.

I’ve dimmed the lights. I’ve consumed enough caffiene to stun a water buffalo.

I’m ready to become… Nameless.


So I couldn’t sleep, and rather than play Torment like I did all day yesterday and stay awake, I looked into the voice actors behind the characters. Unfortunately, this turned out to also keep me awake, rather than put me to sleep as intended:

Nameless is Michael T. Weiss aka Jarod from The Pretender

Morte is Rob Paulsen aka Arthur (from The Tick) aka Pinky (of Pinky and the Brain)

Deionarra/Fall-from-Grace is Jennifer Hale aka Bastila (from KoTOR) aka Samus Aran (of Metroid fame)

Annah is Sheena Easton (the singer)

Dak’kon is Mitch Pileggi aka Colonel Steven Caldwell (from Stargate: Atlantis)

Ignus is Charles Adler aka Harold (the Fallout 1&2 mutant)

Nordom is Dan Castellaneta aka The Robot Devil (from Futurama) aka Homer Simpson

Ravel Puzzlewell is Flo Di Re aka the Arroyo village elder (in Fallout 2)

The Transcendent One is (was) Tony Jay aka Chairface Chippendale (from The Tick) aka the narrator of WoW

Trias is John de Lancie aka Q (from Star Trek)

Vhailor is Keith David aka the Arbiter (from Halo) aka, unfortunately, SGT Kilgore (from Delta Farce)

These are some huge names in voice acting. I’d be willing to bet that everyone I know is familiar of more than half of these characters (except Himey.)

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