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I was born in 1977 to humble kung fu masters John and Mary Kay. Since then, some things have happened and some events have taken place.

As of this writing I am no longer in the Army. I attained the rank of Specialist, and I reached my goal to rise no higher than that. This actually required more effort than getting promoted, but it was worth it.

As of this writing (and barring catastrophic, um, catastrophe) I'm a hard-core, lifestyle geek. I got me one of them thar college degrees in math, and I'm working on another one.

More Me

  • Slashdot - I'm kind of proud of this one. My /. user number is 7019, and I have my first name as my handle.
  • - Me and some friends.
  • Freshmeat - Yeah, I'm an open source developer, but lapsed at the moment.
  • Math Help Forum Math. Mmmmmmm.... math.
  • GeoGebra wiki - I created some Taxicab geometry tools for use in GeoGebra.
  • geohashing - I made it to the first Saturday geohashing meetup.

Even More Me

  • Kingdom of Loathing (character) "Wil the William" [RARELY]
  • World of Warcraft (server/character) Smolderthorn/Rucian [DEFUNCT]
  • Adeilt Anywhere. Everywhere.
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